Of Baths And Walls

Forget Dickens. Now I’m trying to sound like Steinbeck, but there are times my work does drive me to thoughts philosophical. To wit—why am I getting so many retainer walls and bathrooms to paint lately?

Not that I’m complaining. Work is work. But is there a Divine message here somewhere?

Over decades now, I’ve painted hundreds of buildings, mostly residential, interior and exterior, in whole or in part, so I know I’m capable of bigger projects. I also know I’m older now, and just a one-man operation, so a job can take more time.

On the other hand, I’m much more experienced than a lot of painters and something of a perfectionist, who’s only tempered by his customers’ instructions. (“Yes, give me exquisite detail,” or “No, just do a once-over,” or something in between). Those tendencies redound to your benefit. My standards are pretty high, and you’re likely to get more than you expected.

A Tale of Retainer Walls

If you’re lucky, any retainer wall you may have will be laid with sufficient water proofing on both sides, especially the side near the dirt it’s holding back. Water is the most deteriorating element to any paint, and cinder blocks are naturally pretty porous and often constructed without adequate waterproofing. I can repair the damage done, but can’t guarantee it will hold forever.

So it’s no surprise I’ve been getting a lot of calls for such jobs in recent years, now that the California drought is over. In future posts I’ll go over them, then follow with some baths. Let’s start with last fall.

I got a call from a lovely elderly couple in Santa Monica who had some extensive damage to repair and paint. Below are the befores and afters.

Damaged curve part of retainer wall, Santa Monica, Oct. 2022. "Of Walls and Baths"Alleyway wall during repairs. "Of Walls and Baths"Alleyway wall after repairs and painting. "Of Walls and Baths"

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