A Tale of Two Doors

A Tale of Two Doors by Don Clasen

A Tale of Two Doors. Before…

by Don Clasen

An old customer of mine in Beverly Hills had a Tale of Two Doors to tell me. A legend in the music industry, it was nonetheless the best of times and the worst of times for him, and as such he did not want to fuss a lot over a problem he had.

To wit, his beautiful home in Beverly Hills has two heavy wooden front doors. Once upon a time they had been stained and varnished but had of late fallen upon misfortune at the hands of the brutal California sun.

A Tale of Two Doors


He asked if I could do something for them short of a big production. He didn’t want a costly re-do of removing the doors off the hinges, stripping all the remaining polyurethane, bleaching the stain and starting all over. So I told him I would work them over with some sandpaper and steel wool, re-stain them and finish with two coats of UV-protection polyurethane. They will still look 100% better I told him.

He was happy and had great expectations. Above is the before photo, below the after. I think they speak for themselves. And all very affordable.

A set of door painted by Don Clasen

and After.