Your Palisades Paint Advantages

Your Palisades Paint Advantages. A celebrity's backyard in Pacific Palisades.

A celebrity’s backyard in Pacific Palisades. Your Palisades Paint Advantages

by Don Clasen

So why hire me over other painters? Chances are if you call me it’s because I was recommended to you by a customer or you read about me on a Palisades neighborhood website.

I started my company as Applied Painting in 1979 in a small town in Illinois. In time my brainy partner finished college and went right to work designing variable wing helicopters for a defense contractor no less, while I continued on with the company. I changed it to Palisades Painting after moving to Los Angeles in 2006, once I found out there were seven other Applied Paintings in the LA area!

A Bit Of A Boutique Company

Over the years I’ve had crews but now I’m just working by myself. It sometimes takes a little longer but you get a more meticulous job. Some people also like the idea of just one person on their property at a time.

Here’s A Money Saver

I offer my customers a “no fault, no surprises” deal. To keep things simple I will give you an estimate where the only real variable is the labor cost. If I can get you materials with a contractor’s discount, I will pass those savings on to you.

Secondly I will estimate how much paint you’ll need, then only charge you for what is actually used to the nearest gallon. If I can get by with less I’ll pass that savings on to you.

Thirdly, I don’t get legalistic and petty about the contract. If there is some little extra you would like me to do, I’m happy to do it within reason. Only clear-cut extra work entail extra charges and are agreed upon beforehand, sometimes as little as $25 an hour.

I Value My Reputation

I do a lot of repeat business because my clients like my work. In fact, if you have other work like minor repairs or maintenance, call me first before anyone else. If I can handle the task, I can probably save you money in the process. Not surprisingly, I’d rather stay busy than spend my time advertising!

So call or text me right away!

(310) 770-2772