Now, Your Friendly Neighborhood Painter!

by Don Clasen

Jan. 24, 2024

For the last dozen years or so, it’s been my privilege to have the lovely Pacific Palisades as my primary painting market. All that time, actually living here was something of a pipe dream to me. Quite frankly, I didn’t think I could afford it.

But last fall, in working for one of my new customers, he offered me a rental arrangement that made it all possible. Now, I am firmly ensconced in the El Medio Bluffs area, and from what I can tell, am probably the only local painting business in the Palisades.

None of this will affect my long-standing policy of striving to surprise and exceed my customers’ expectations, but actually living here hopefully will make my services all the more credible and accessible. If you ever need me in a pinch or need some follow-up to a job I’ve done, I may now be only blocks away!

All I can say is how grateful I am to be even more interwoven into the fabric of this beautiful place that I have dubbed “the biggest little small town in America.” And as always, you know I’m only a phone call away.

Oh, speaking of phone calls. As we all know, some areas of PP are notorious for poor phone reception, and my block is one of these. If you have trouble getting through to my cell, just call our landline instead. It’s,

310-454-5893 (h)

310-770-2772 (m)