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Welcome To Palisades Paint

and After
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And even a few more! (2023)

My name is Don Clasen, owner of Palisades Painting (formerly Applied Painting), a business I started with a friend way back in 1979 in little Mt. Morris, Illinois. Over the years I have painted literally hundreds of homes and businesses, both interiors and exteriors. After moving to Los Angeles in 2006, I’ve scaled back in size from having a crew and extensive equipment. Now I just paint by myself, but you can benefit from my years of expertise and experience.

In fact, you can think of me as a niche boutique business. When most companies would not want to take on smaller jobs, or would charge you a premium for it, that is exactly where I fit in best.

On my site you can learn about my work and philosophy as well as articles about painting and decorating that you can use on your own as well. I have tried to design this site with a tasteful blend of colors that reflect my sense of style along with tributes to the beauty found in the Pacific Palisades and surrounding areas. I hope you enjoy the experience.

What kind of services can I offer to you?

-Exteriors, whole or in part
-Interiors, whole or in part—walls, trim, ceilings, kitchen cabinets, baths, etc.
-Furniture restoration
-Front door restoration—stain & polyurethane, paint, etc.
-Metal gates, wrought iron, outdoor furniture, etc.
-Minor stucco repair

Since the most important part of painting is often found in the prep, it’s a step in the process I take seriously, especially the exterior so the house can be sealed up. I can also do minor repair work (carpentry, etc) if needed. You can probably save money just from having me do it rather than calling a specialist company.

So don’t hesitate to call or text me. No obligation for a free consultative visit.

(310) 770-2772 (mobile)

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